The charters

Apylait Charter

This charter, created by our two suppliers, guarantees an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to the production of donkey milk.
It provides:
  • the preservation of the Pyrenees donkey breed,
  • a certified organic farm,
  • respect for donkeys and their colts,
  • strict hygiene rules,
  • traceability of each batch.

Anakae Charter

In order to provide transparency, ethic and quality, Anakae Charter guarantees:
  • without milk processing (no lyophilization)
  • without dyes or synthetic fragrances,
  • without PEG or PPG,
  • without parabens or phenoxyethanol,
  • without silicone or paraffin,
  • without GMOs,
  • without EDTA,
  • without titanium dioxide or sodium laureth sulfate,
  • subjected to skin tolerance tests validated by an independent body,
  • not tested on animals
  • a certified Ecocert and Cosmebio laboratory ISO 22716 for the production, the control, the storage and the shipment of cosmetic products.
  • packagings made from recycled paper and enjoying the FSC label
  • prints made by a printer with the label Imprim'Vert (Green Print)
  • all 100% Made in France